Money Honey, An Excerpt in Esquire Magazine, June/July 2017

"I'd spent the winter engaging in daydreams, fantasies, alternate realities, while flipping through emails in a secret folder and looking at selfies of this same beautiful woman, barely clad in a towel at a fancy resort in Zurich, or on the swings with her kids at the park, or modeling the necklace I'd sent her at Christmas."

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A worthy addition to American literature’s distinguished line of hapless antiheroes."


“With a perceptive eye and biting humor, [Rich] skewers the participants at the conference, “an open-air looney bin,” including his own students and fellow faculty members. Rich may be a mildly depressed neurotic in the midst of a lengthy midlife crisis, but Klam ensures that he is also a profound, often-hilarious commentator on marriage, child rearing, and artistic endeavors."

Huffington Post

"24 Incredible Books You Should Read This Summer"

Travel and Leisure

 "Love, lust, humor, jealousy… Klam’s latest is everything a reader could hope for and more."

Domino Magazine

Klam's first novel is an irreverent and at times absurdly inappropriate (which makes it all the more hilarious) story that touches on middle life crises, parental love, and what it means to be an artist.

Pop Sugar

"This debut novel is a sharp satire about art, sex, and money."

Library Journal -- Five Great Beach Reads, Literary Preview: 

Sixteen years ago, New Yorker 20 Under 40 author Klam had a big hit with his first book, Sam the Cat. Finally, he’s back, bringing us the story of two people who meet and launch an adulterous affair at an artists conference held in a charming New England fishing village. Rich once had a modest career as a cartoonist, Amy studies narrative painting, and they so enjoyed their fling that they returned the following year to see whether sparks would fly again. They do, setting off a conflagration that burns down their lives.

Emily Nussbaum on Twitter: 

An enjoyably filthy beach read for neurotics!

Curtis Sittenfeld on Buzzfeed:

“The novel Who Is Rich? by Matthew Klam will come out in July, and it’s terrific. I was a graduate student when I read Klam’s story collection Sam the Cat in 2000, and I just loved how bawdy, wise, and alive his writing was. I’ve been waiting all this time for his first (!) novel, and the wait was worth it — it’s a brutally honest, hilariously entertaining, surprisingly compassionate depiction of class, lust, marriage, and what it’s really like to be an artist."