Matthew Klam's novel Who Is Rich? is available from Random House. 

"I just finished Who Is Rich? and I seriously, deeply love this book."

--- Michael Cunningham

"It's amazing to wait so long for a book, and for it to be everything you wanted. The most singular quality of Matthew Klam's writing is how alive it is. I loved every page of this book. It got into my bloodstream -- and kind of destroyed me." 

-- Curtis Sittenfeld

"What a thrill to experience the fusion of Matthew Klam's fierce, kinetic prose with the mysteries of fatherhood and domesticity.  WHO IS RICH? is an electric amalgam of frustration and tenderness, wonder and rebellion:  a paean to the obliterating power of parental love."

-- Jennifer Egan

"Who Is Rich? is a tantalizing novel -- acute and smart and stark, but mostly it's unrelentingly funny about a large number of very inappropriate things.  It's one of those rare books: you open it, then you're up all night.  I was." 

-- Richard Ford

"Like many people, I've been eagerly awaiting another book by Matthew Klam, and here it is and it's a stunner.  This, his first novel, is funny, dark, big and bold.  I read it straight through, with great pleasure and awe at all he knows about art, money, family, sex, kids, mortality, and shame.  Who Is Rich? is not to be missed."

-- Meg Wolitzer

"Matthew Klam is a brilliant satirist and keen observer of Unequal America, and his new novel takes a hard look at society's extravagant hypocrisies. His work is thrilling and distinctive -- and political in a way that is not always noted because it is also so funny. Who Is Rich? is long awaited and first rate."

-- Lorrie Moore

"By turns fierce, disturbing, and outright hilarious, Who is Rich? is much more than a novel of midlife crisis, it's a frank exploration of what it feels like to struggle as an artist, and a man. Klam writes like a surgeon, with the sharpest scalpel, and cuts to the bone."

– Jonathan Tropper, author of This is Where I Leave You 

"I've arrived late at the brilliant bash that is Who Is Rich? and there's simply nothing left for me to say, except that I agree with every word my fellow party-goers have beat me to saying."

-- Peter Cameron

"The book is hilarious. Who Is Rich? is also an important work of fiction, not only for the mastery of narrative techniques, but for the boldness of imagination. Not since Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road have I read a novel that delves so provocatively into the often painful machinations of marriage and the complexities of life with small children. Nothing has been withheld or dissembled. Matthew Klam is an original American storyteller of the first rank."

-- Philip Schultz, winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry

"Twenty-four years ago (it hardly seems possible) I read a story in The New Yorker called "Sam the Cat" that made me laugh so hard I think I actually peed in my pants. Every so often, in the years that followed, a new Klam story would appear, as eagerly anticipated by his discerning fans as Salinger's in the fifties. Then the stories were collected in a book, the book was rightly acclaimed, and a long silence followed. My point? Matthew Klam is back, with a novel that's just about the last word on marriage, the creative life, and the pathos of middle age. Let us celebrate with tears of mirth and gratitude."

--Blake Bailey, author of Cheever: A Life